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We have been serving all our amateur fishing hobbies since 2013 in order to perform sport fishing activities professionally in and around of Antalya Bay. Our brand, which is one of the first places in Antalya when it comes to fishing, continues its activities in order to make your hobby a pleasant day at sea.

Since 2018 hadibaliga.com, which started to serve in the area of motor yacht, charter and boarding boat trips for rent, guarantees you a perfect sea pleasure with your family and friends in the unique turquoise waters of the Mediterranean.

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Sazak Bay

Sazak Bay is a bay with a beautiful sandy beach and a calm sea. The sheep resting on the back of Musa Mountain extends east into the forest. The bay has steep cliffs on both sides. There is a forest road from Adrasan. It is possible to come across some vehicles under the trees from time to time in the bay. Apart from those arriving by boat, it is possible to come across campers in the wooded area of ​​the bay in a quiet environment. The area where Sazak Bay is located is the western part of Beydağları Coast National Park.

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Mehmet Ali Bükü Bay

Located 24 km from Kemer, Mehmet Ali Bükü Bay fascinates with its unique nature and sea. Mehmet Ali Bükü, one of the big and small bays to the south of Tekirova coast, is another untouched cove in the bay.

Part of the beach and the sea is stony, making it difficult to walk on the beach. Therefore it is good for you to have your sea shoes with you. The best thing about these stones is that they transform the sound of the waves into an instrument atmosphere and give you a unique and unforgettable experience.

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Rat Island

This small island, located to the west of Antalya city center and a few kilometers from the port of Antalya, is another area that attracts divers.
The small size of the island and the lack of suitable structure, is one of the reasons for the lack of settlement. The west side facing the coast has a shallow depth (maximum 8 meters) and the bottom structure is generally sand.

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Porto Ceneviz Bay - Adrasan,Antalya

Porto Ceneviz Bay

Ceneviz Bay is one of the few unspoilt bays you will come across along the Mediterranean coastline. The bay between Adrasan and Olympos is a place that fascinates those who see with its cleanliness, clarity and beauty of nature. Unable to reach by road is the most important factor in keeping this beauty still untouched.

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Düden Waterfall

One of the exquisite beauties of Antalya, Düden Waterfall’s Lower Düden Waterfall branch, which spills from the cliffs of approximately 40 meters into the sea, is 8 km away from the city center.
Very close to the Youth Park and Karpuzkaldıran Military Facilities are located. Aşağı Düden Waterfall is located on the way to Lâra Beach, southeast of Antalya city center.

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Olympos, one of the most important port cities of ancient Lycia, has been the subject of mythology throughout history. Due to the convenience of its location, Olympos, which is a shelter for pirates, has a history of 3200 m2, a magnificent beach of 3200 m2, endemic plants, Caretta Caretta, Chimera. it is recognized.

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Founder and CEO

Our goal is to turn our passion for the sea together with your family and friends into unforgettable memories.

For this purpose, our Luxury Motor Yachts, Sailing Boats, Gulets, Daily excursion and fishing boats and professional team are ready to serve you.

Our boats are at your service for Daily Boat Trips and Fishing Excursions, organiztaions such as Celebration, Marriage Proposal, Birthday, Bachelor Party etc.

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