Would you like to have a peaceful and fun day in the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean, absorbing the scent of the pine forests, with plenty of oxygen, away from the noise and chaos of the city? 

Besides fishing pleasure, swimming in the blue waters of the Mediterranean and having a barbecue with your family are indispensable for this tour. In our bait bottom hunts that we carry out between 06: 00-16: 00 during the day, our target fish can be coral and red mullet, butts, kuppes, swallows, sledgehammers, sardines, spotted tuna, maimai. 
We start our bottom fishing by selecting a pasture according to the season on over 250 points marked with our GPS system. Until we reach our pasture, maximum 3 participants by the stern of our boats can pursue big fish by trolling method. As a feed, turf shrimp, burnt and chicken are among the ideal baits. In addition to these, you may want to use baits such as sardines and squid. 
We meet on our boat at 06:00 in the morning for this hunt. After the settlement and a cup of hot tea or coffee, we set off by saying Vira Bismillah at 06:30. Our breakfast is ready when you come to our boat on our dinner tours, you can have your breakfast either before you set off or on our first pasture. 
We continue our hunt, which we started with the screening method, by throwing our anchors in the region where the fish density increases. As long as we continue to get fish, we continue fishing. If it stopped , we immediately change our region and look for our share in new pastures. 
If you wish around 12:30, you can go to a quiet, calm and untouched bay for lunch, while you prepare your lunch, you cool off in deep blue waters. In our lunch tour, we offer you the tastes consisting of chicken, meatballs or fish, salad, pasta and fruit for lunch. If you wish, you can develop the menu the way you want. 
We do not forget you again in the group participation of our no-meal tours, we prepare the food you brought for free and serve it to you. Again, you can clean the fish you have kept in the same way and request that they be cooked by us. If the weather conditions are available in our boat, you can request hot drinks at any time. Our hot drinks are completely free.
Following the meal and swimming section, we continue fishing again and collect the anchor around 16:00 and start the way back to the port. As Poyraz Pasha Yachting, our goal is to send you off with good memories from our boat. What are the baits and sets to be used in the daytime bait bottom fishing
We carry out this hunt on the Mediterranean coast between 30 and 90 meters. In the bait fishing machine, preferably fishing lines with a head length of 5000 and above, with a twine on the rope, preferably 120cm to 180cm soft, medium hard and hard boat reeds should be preferred.
Since the rope line does not stretch like monoflament lines, it enables you to perceive the impact of the fish and transmit the leash reflex to the fishing line much faster. In the daytime bottom fishing, especially turf grass shrimp are among our indispensable feeds. Besides, chicken and chicken are among the preferred foods. As a fishing tackle, you can use the ready-made 4-pin, thief called thief between 5 and 9 numbers, preferably VMC hooks.